4 Technology Developments That Will Open the Doors to the Future in 2021

technology developments that will open doors to the future in 2021

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June 12, 2021

Godfrey Reggio once said, “We not only use technology, but we live it.” This is slowly becoming clear with the drastic life changes we’ve had last year. We are isolated and confined to our devices for connection to the outside world. Now is the time for technology to undergo a massive development. 

The year 2021 will see a boom in the industry with new developments in Extended Reality (XR), hybrid cloud, blockchain technology and so much more. Here are some of the most excited trends in technology that will drive us into an unimaginable futuristic world. 

XR: Sci-fi Movies Come Alive 

The term Extended Reality encompasses all the existing immersive technologies including, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. This technology mixes the virtual and real worlds to create a wholesome and immersive experience. In 2021, the XR market will reach 31 billion U.S. dollars globally.   

Extended Reality can help in everything from education, entertainment, training and even doctor’s consultations and recovery. Companies leading in developing extended reality headsets are Sony, HTC and Oculus. The leading owners of XR patents at present are Qualcomm and LG. Qualcomm is working with 15 telecommunication providers across the globe to form the Global XR Content Telco Alliance to develop AR/VR content with 5G.  

Voice Search Technology: Say Goodbye to Typing  

With this innovation, one will be able to use speech as a command instead of typing keywords. This new technology trend uses speech identification to translate the consumer’s voice with precision. It then conducts the command with speech technology. 

Although voice technology is not a new trend, this year will witness a huge change in this industry. As one of the leading search engines Google introduced voice search SEO which will soon be made mandatory. This will help brands with increasing sales and revenue through their website. It is no surprise that people prefer asking their phone to do something instead of having to type it out. Voice scanning like speech-to-text and voice dialing has shown tremendous progress with approval from 71% of consumers.   

Hybrid Cloud: Quantum Computing For A Faster and Better Infrastructure   

Last year forced companies to revamp their IT infrastructure to adapt to the remote way of life. Many companies were well equipped to maintain their sales and modify for the current changes. Other companies rely on the hybrid cloud that shares data between private and public clouds. 

Quantum computing, a new computing technology will be used to make the infrastructure of the cloud faster and better. This will also make the whole experience cheaper for small scale businesses. This technology could be misused which will see an increase in quantum-safe algorithms. 

Blockchain Technology: Handle Your Own Transactions 

When someone talks about blockchain, most people associate it with Bitcoin but this technology is so much more. Blockchain is basically data that can be added to, but cannot be changed or removed. It is basically a chain of data without alteration which makes it very secure. They are also consensus-driven which means not just one entity can control the data. Blockchain will remove the third party involvement, keeping your data safe.  

Blockchain can be used in every field from the financial sector to music. Companies have jumped to use this technology to secure their data. Even governments are considering the use of a blockchain-enabled system for voting. This will make hacking and changing of the votes impossible.   

The future is technology and adapting to the new trends will be the only way of surviving this difficult time. Apart from these trends, there will be a boost in the world of artificial intelligence, 5G, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), edge computing and Internet of Things (IoT). 

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