5 Data Science Tools Ideal for Small & Medium Businesses

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June 24, 2021

Companies have understood the importance of data science and are adapting to keep up with their competition. While the properly-established businesses found this transition easy, small businesses are struggling. Usage of data science tools depends on your company size and sometimes it feels like these tools focus on large-scale enterprises.   

Here are tools that will aid Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to improve their data-driven performance. From Tableau to InsightSquared, these are the tools SMEs can use to their advantage and stay on top of the game. 

Qlik Sense Business: The Tool for Big and Small Businesses  

Qlik is an analytics platform that has serviced SMEs in the past. Last year it released Qlik Sense Business which is a modified version of Qlik Sense. This tool gives small and large businesses easy and quick access to their data history. 

The CTO at Qlik Mike Potter explained, “Qlik Sense Business extends the opportunity to lead with data to any organization that wants to get started quickly with enterprise-grade analytics. With the core benefits of Qlik Sense and our cloud-native architecture, Qlik Sense Business helps any organization rapidly improve data literacy and data-driven decision making with a built-in upgrade path that grows their analytics alongside their business.” 

InsightSquared: Sales Forecasting 

This is a sales analytical CRM system that improves performance in sales. It will understand the new pipeline trends, give reliable sales forecasts and maximize the REP effect. Reviews rate this salesforce analytics product as one of the best for SMEs. This application will help with profitability analysis, lead generations, monitoring and tracking. 

The companies will be given a detailed analysis of their strengths and weaknesses with suggestions of new trends. With their SaaS platform, SMEs will no longer need to purchase costly software. It offers financial, staffing, and marketing analysis which means you can use this one software for all your data needs.  

Kissmetrics: Organized Detailed Software 

Kissmetrics creates user profiles for each customer. Here you can see all of their activity across all devices. It provides all this behavioral data at your disposal. This state-of-the-art analytics software allows SMEs to answer the most important questions related to their business. From who their most loyal customers are to which campaigns bring in the most revenue. The software will also give companies the success rate of campaigns and reasons why customers are dropping their service.  

Tableau: For Owners with Families 

One of the oldest and most reliable software for analytics with six key products aimed at solving all your data problems. When Tableau released it was a revolutionary breakthrough in data science. Even since it has been developing to the latest technology trends to cater to businesses all over the globe. 

Tableau is a fast-growing data visualization software for big and small businesses. It simplifies the raw data and delivers it in an understandable format. The best part about this tool is that anyone can use it, even non-technical users can create customized dashboards. The best features found on this tool are real-time analysis, data blending, and collaboration of data. 

Google Analytics: The Well Known and Reliable Software 

Information about data science tools has to include Google Analytics. This free tool helps SMEs grow their businesses with smart marketing strategies. The main agenda of this tool is to make work easy for businesses. The easy-to-use tool allows SMEs to spend less time analyzing data and more time executing strategies. 

Data Science tools have made running a business fairly simple over the years. The above tools are known for aiding SMEs. However, some special mentions include Tibco Spotfire, Birst, Excel, and Crazy Egg. These tools are also leading in the world of analytic tools. Find the most accurate tool for your SME and watch how it makes data analyzing so much easier.

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