5 important things to look for before hiring software developers

5 important things to look for before hiring software developers

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January 19, 2022

Developers with a wide range of skills are hard to come by. Almost all organizations rely on a small number of highly sought-after experts. Is it enough to have a plethora of technical abilities to be a competent developer? A technology specialist is often the only person qualified to assess a developer’s suitability. 

Is the evaluation of software developers strictly a technical task? What if that’s the only way to look at the correct candidate?

A developer’s job description may not include many of the strategies that a manager should have at his disposal, but this may be adequate from the organization’s perspective as a whole. Here are five of the most crucial characteristics of an ideal developer:

Expertise with the work

Prior knowledge and expertise are of the utmost significance. The developer’s portfolio, including the number of projects he’s completed, the clients he’s worked with, and the technologies he’s worked with, provides an overview of the developer’s experience. The breadth of the experience is just as important as the length. Consider his Problem-Solving talents as well as his technical expertise while assessing him. 

Beyond the Limits of Development

To be part of a team, a developer must participate in a project and contribute to more technologies. Therefore, we must verify “Is that his real inclination?” before proceeding. Depending on his contributions outside of development, this can be estimated. It is possible to learn about someone’s preferences via reading blogs, responding to questions on the internet, or attending conferences. If he follows any well-known names whose blogs are currently affecting the developing world, this can also be a factor to consider.


One thing every employer wants to know about its employees, but can’t do so in an interview, is how well they interact with others. Probing tactics can be used here by the interviewer. How tough was it for the developer to deal with specific scenarios? How long did it take to come up with a solution? The depth to which he had to go to fix a problem is one example of how dedication may be measured in the real world.

A view of testing

Most programmers are aware of the importance of testing. Writing unit tests for their code comes second nature to them. Writing a few test cases will give you a sense of how much time they’ve spent thinking about bugs. Those who can anticipate their product’s workflows by writing test cases have a leg up on the competition. Thinkers and inventors can visualize their ideas. There is a good likelihood that such a person will develop new and better ways of resolving a particular issue.

The ability to use one’s soft skills

If you want to work in an organization, you must have some soft skills. However, the level of this talent varies significantly from one individual to the next. As a soft skill, the ability to pay attention is critical. Customer requirements are best understood by listening and probing the client to understand better what he’s thinking. Even if they make up for their lack of social skills in code, it’s still bad for them in the long run. A lack of soft skills is a sign of ineffective leadership. A leader’s capacity to communicate is an essential part of their role.

Final Thoughts

It is not difficult to find the ideal software developer if you know what competencies and soft skills to look for when interviewing potential hires. However, the nature of the work necessitates a comprehensive recruitment procedure to guarantee that you choose the best possible developer.

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