5 Tips And Tricks For The Angular Components

5 Tips And Tricks For The Angular Components

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March 29, 2022

If you have used Angular before, you will know that it comes with several different features that are pretty popular but unknown. Do you know the best way to learn more about Angular? It is when you will use Angular more and then learn about it in progress. Angular is the framework of JavaScript that helps in building the single-page application. It offers many tools and features that make it easy for the developers to develop the applications.

It is the best practice that can help in easy development but to use that, you might need some tips that will help you learn about the process. So, keep reading to know about the five tips and tricks for the angular components that will help in making your application better. 

Extend Subject or Observable

Many developers may have created excellent services in their apps, but that will only make one thing better. It is because developers mostly use the RxJS. It contains only one subject or observable that will be used inside that and will do the data transformation for that subject or observable. In this situation, the developers can extend the services from the subject or observable. It would be best if you remembered that the angular services there could extend the observable.

Tokenize Global Object

One of the main tips you can consider is DI Tokenize Global Object. The developers use many different global objects available in different scopes. The various things include documents, location, windows, etc. So there is no situation where the developers do not expect them. But in Jest Testing or Angular Universal Environment, there may not be any Window or Browser. So the developers can use, replace or even test the codes without any problem.

Control the value change as the ReplaySubject

The developers may face the problem where they need to subscribe to control the change in value and get the value used. You can turn the angular AbstractControlDirective into the ReplaySubject with a simple wrapper. 

Use High DPI users

If the user has a high DPI, they can create the structural directive for the Angular for adding the content. It will help you monitor the users with the help of High DPI screens, making the app a lot better. Moreover, it is pretty convenient for the user to use as they can use the video or picture as the source.

Remember the pipes

The most potent and essential option on which you can work is the Angular way in the Angular way. If you use it, then it will allow you to choose the declarative perspective. The operator must create the pipes because that can give you a better approach. Most operators avoid that because it can be designed to transform the data in almost any case. 

Unexplored World- RxJS

The person needs to learn about the RxJS. There are several hidden options that you can know about, which will help you write the stream powerfully and faster. The available operators may not be popular but can help you with the problem in just a line of code rather than a significant stream. It is just a small trick that will help you make the component scalable.

Create your ngFor alternative

At last, the Angular has the syntax that is quite amazing for the directives like for…of… You can create your ngFor case and be used as repetitions rather than the array.

The Final Words

With the help of these tips, you can create the application in the Angular component efficiently, as it will help you learn about the component.  

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