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Amazon Web Services ( AWS) provides a cloud-based, scalable and secure online services technology network. Amazon Web Services ( AWS) can be a cost-effective choice if you choose to host your IT infrastructure over the Internet.

Being highly secure and safe, it has the pay-as-you-go option. You don’t have to make for upfront expenses or long term obligations. You can get storage and computing resources according to your business needs.

Molina Technologies provides clients with more personalized AWS support if needed. We can enable you to handle cloud-based software and systems using AWS.

Our team of professional engineers and technicians provide outstanding support in preparing your applications for a Cloud world. The AWS support we provide is for the credibility, records, intellectual property, and confidential information of your organization. We allow you to get the most out of your investment in Cloud computing. Their goal is to help their customers use the services and products provided by Amazon Web Services to get the most value for their company. Includes some of the features below:

 aws icon molinatek 1System Administration

Web-based user interface which is intuitive. Connect and manage protection groups and AMIs

aws icon molinatek 2 Supports Cloud Linux 

 For applications that run on Amazon EC2 it provides a safe, efficient and high-performance implementation. Configure Amazon, Ubuntu, CentOS etc. 

aws icon molinatek 3 System Administration

Compatible with a high-performance, reliable , cost-effective Windows based solution.

aws icon molinatek 4 System Administration

Implementing Nginx and Elastic Load Balancer as well as autoscaling.

aws icon molinatek 5 System Administration 

Installs the servers in a VPC securely which are well secured by a VPN connection. 

aws icon molinatek 6 System Administration  

S3, RDS, IAM, Route S3 and other forms of AWS services connect and coordinate.


aws services company usa-molinatekBenefits of amazon web services for Companies


aws icon molinatek 7 Cost Effective & Attractive

There is no long-term commitment, just consuming the amount of computation needed. It offers low price, pay as you go. With AWS, the company just pays what’s required.

aws icon molinatek 8 Reliable

There is no data loss and you have the ability to swiftly add or remove AWS                                                                                                                                          resources as needed. Flexible

aws icon molinatek 9 The Flexibility

AWS ‘versatility allows for programming models, languages, legacy programs transitioning, and operating systems to suit the project.

 aws icon molinatek 10 Comprehensive

 The system’s protection and privacy is vitally essential to AWS. With the security and dignity that you deserve, you can be sure your data will be ‘treated.’




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