Data Science in Digital Marketing

Data Science in Digital Marketing

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July 14, 2021

Data science holds the reins when it comes to digital marketing. It is like a loyal customer and a true friend – it remembers everything about you, starting from how you think to what action you will take next. It also helps you interpret and analyze data.

It sure is fascinating to know that every little small town and village is undergoing a digital revolution. 

Post the intervention of data science in the digital world, companies are able to draw deeper and more accurate marketing insights. The proverb, “with power comes responsibility” stands true in the case of data science. It puppeteers the digital world, using data techniques to improve the marketing insights effectively, understand customers better, and manage customer interactions over the internet. 

The best part of data science is that companies get the ability to achieve economies of scale, understand their target markets, and execute plans accordingly. 

For instance, let us consider Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify. 

Facebook accumulates data about your social interactions and several other aspects. Using that data, it shows you advertisements suitable for your needs.

Amazon uses the same to transform the e-commerce sector by catering to your needs with its products and services.

Cab service/travel partner companies like Uber utilize the data science to increase customer satisfaction.

Airbnb also uses data science to figure out the different locations and comfort zones of people. 

Last but not least, Spotify is using data science to revolutionize the music streaming industry; several streaming sites even play songs based on your mood. 

Roles of data science in digital marketing 

  • Digital Footprints 

 When people deliberately share personal information about themselves on websites or social media, companies utilize the data to predict data like preferences, characteristics, personality, and tastes. 

  • Language Analysis (Automated)

 Several companies have expressed their interest in such data. Today, automated language analysis is being used to hire personnel, advertise services based on customers’ personality or mood. 

  • Eyeball Tracking System

The technology in data science has advanced to an extent where researchers are able to predict the mood of a person based on their eye movements. Emotions like sadness, happiness, surprise, angst, and anger are predicted based on how the user looks at the feed; using this data, companies deliver information to their news feed based on their emotional state.

 For instance, when you engage/scroll through the news feed, a few companies secretly track your data and showcase advertisements based on your emotional state.

 Apart from the above-provided details, data science also helps marketing companies to:

  • Capture varied data for accuracy.
  • Bifurcate data based on its usefulness.
  • Utilize data science tools. 

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