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‘Devops’ has evolved from buzzy commercial jargon into a prominent workplace culture ideology.

The compound phrase masks ‘development’ and ‘operations’ together, and this is roughly what the ideology is promoting: breaking down boundaries across departments and increasing the flow of information and data across the organization.

This is aimed at strengthening employee connections and facilitating faster and more streamlined practices around the development and launch of new applications and other technologies.

Many large companies have supported this strategy and contend that the time needed to deliver applications has been reduced significantly.

This is why Devops is now often referred to as ‘Agile’ working methods, too. More companies are taking notice of this, unsurprisingly.

To developers and other IT professionals, staying up to date with what devops mean to work practices and having the skills set and expertise is important. Several important devop software tools include among others Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins and Amazon Web Services.

1.What is DevOps?

  • Understand the business need for DevOps
  • Recognising the business value of DevOps
  • Visualise how DevOps works

2.DevOps capabilities

  • Ways to adopt DevOps
  • Planning
  • Collaborative development
  • Continuous testing
  • Deployment
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Continuous customer feedback and optimisation

3.Adopting DevOps

  • Knowing where to begin
  • Identifying business objectives
  • Identifying bottlenecks in the delivery pipeline
  • People in DevOps
  • DevOps as a business process
  • Change management process
  • DevOps techniques
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Delivery pipeline
  • Deployment automation and release management
  • How cloud accelerates DevOps

4.Using DevOps to solve new challenges

  • Mobile applications,
  • ALM processes,
  • scaling agile,
  • multiple-tier applications,
  • DevOps in the enterprise,
  • supply chains, and Internet of Things

5.Making DevOps work

Establishing executive roles

Assembling your DevOps team and setting goals

Learning from the DevOps transformation:

  • Expanding agile practices
  • Leveraging test automation
  • Building a delivery pipeline
  • Experimenting rapidly
  • Continuous improvement


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Devops was a nightmare to me. After completing the course with MolinaTek Devops Class I felt lite headed and Comfortable. The course most requested and recommended throughout the IT career.

-Arun M

Best Organization to learn Devops online from scratch especially for beginners who are preparing for interviews. MolinaTek was professional And guidance for Placements in USA was phenomenal.   

– Anvesha Pawar

After finding Devops training from web, finally found the right place Devops training by MolinaTek. I was impressed the way classes were conducted with hands on.Every topic started with basic level and progressed to advance level.

– Anvesha Pawar

I have checked many websites to learn Devops training . All of them are teaching Devops at very basic level. I finally reached the right place and learnt interview oriented Devops training. Thanks MolinaTek for giving me great confidence.

-Ankitha Meera

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