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At the heart of a DevOps transition lies accepting a DevOps culture and implementing new ways of working. However, many companies are trying to make the change on their own. Molina Technologies DevOps Transformation Consultancy Services are designed to facilitate this journey for your company. For starters, we give senior leaders coaching and mentoring as they define the DevOps strategy by providing a full-scale DevOps Transformation program “hands-on.” Our DevOps Transformation Exploration is designed to help organizations begin their transformation and is a place for beginning their journey.

Continuous Delivery Consulting

Automation has always been one of the key elements of DevOps, and it underpins the tradition of continuous delivery (CI / CD). The right tool chain, properly applied, will create exponential efficiency gains in teams and help speed the development of apps. Our qualified and trained DevOps experts carry vast expertise in the implementation of DevOps tool chains and Continuous Delivery Pipelines (CI / CD) to some of the world’s largest brands such as Admiral Insurance, Swiss Re and RBS.

DevOps Advisory Servicedevops advisory services

Molinatek DevOps Advisory Service helps DevOps integration and technology leaders on their path    across the cloud and DevOps.Through DevOps transition is unique and each transformation leader has        its own challenges in bringing about change within the organization.Our DevOps Advisory Service provides leaders with quick and flexible access to the resources they need in organizations such as BAE Systems from experienced DevOps consultants with expertise in “leading the transition.”

Broad variety of consulting tools DevOps provides

Our vendor-agnostic, highly qualified, qualified DevOps experts are completely allowed to suggest the right tool for the right job. Our DevOps Consultancy services cover the entire lifecycle of DevOps including:

  • Agile and DevOps Culture & Ways-of-Working
  • DevOps Target Operating Model (the Adaptive IT Framework)
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Configuration Management
  • Containerisation
  • Version Control & Branch-Merge strategy
  • Development Best Practices
  • Test Automation and Test Data Management
  • Monitoring
  • DevSecOps
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