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The ASP.NET course offers the requisite skills and expertise to design and create database driven web applications. Using Microsoft Visual Studio and ASP.NET with C # and Microsoft SQL Server database, This course features a mix of lectures and hands-on exercises. With ASP.NET MVC you will learn how to develop web application. You will learn how to work with models, views and controllers, how to develop database objects with the Entity Framework, how to secure ASP.NET Identity applications and how to deploy ASP.NET MVC applications.

Also available for customisation & on-site or remote delivery are all these courses. We can combine suitable themes from a number of courses to create the perfect course for you. Would you like to get a refresher on the latest new features of .NET and then take a deep dive with Visual Studio into the test-driven development? No problem. No problem. Want a course with C #’s latest features that will also fill your Entity Framework knowledge gap? Sure, Sure

Our immersive training in a virtual classroom will take place online, with content divided into modules to satisfy your scheduling challenges and fulfil your learning objectives. Contact today to learn how we can help design a cost-effective and flexible Virtual Instructor-Led training solution.

1.ASP .NET MVC Fundamentals

  • The Model-View-Controller Architecture The Model
  • The View
  • The Controller
  • What’s New in ASP.NET
  • Installing ASP.NET MVC
  • Creating an ASP.NET MVC Application
  • Routing
  • Configuring Routes
  • Controllers
  • Controller Actions
  • Action Results
  • Action Parameters
  • Action Filters
  • Views
  • Locating Views
  • Razor
  • Differentiating Code and Markup
  • Layouts
  • Partial Views
  • Displaying Data
  • HTML and URL
  • Helpers
  • Authentication
  • 2.Web Forms
  • Tools
  • Languages
  • APIs
  • HTTP Handlers Modules
  • Managing State
  • Deployment and Runtime
  • Separation of Application Logic and View Logic
  • URLs and Routing
  • State Management
  • Rendering HTML

2.Data Handling

  • Handling Form Posts
  • Saving Data to a Database
  • Entity Framework
  • Creating a Data Access Layer with Entity Framework
  • Validating Data
  • Specifying Business Rules with Data Annotations
  • Displaying Validation Errors
  • Client Side Validation

4.Authentication and Authorization

  • ASP.NET Identity
  • Using Windows Authentication
  • Building a Custom Account Controller
  • Configuring Forms Authentication
  • Using the Authorize Attribute
  • Authentication Filters
  • OAuth2 and OpenID


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JAVA was a nightmare to me. After completing the course with MolinaTek Java Class I felt lite headed and Comfortable. The course most requested and recommended throughout the IT career.

                             -Arjun Mehatha

Best Organization to learn java online from scratch especially for beginners who are preparing for interviews. MolinaTek was professional And guidance for Placements in USA was phenomenal.   

                          – Harshith Reddy

After intense effort in finding JAVA online training from web, finally found the right place Java training by MolinaTek. Though,i was impressed the way classes were conducted with hands on.Every topic started with basic level and progressed to advance level.

                  -Bharath Nikde

I have checked many websites to lean java training online. All of them are teaching java at very basic level. I finally reached the right place and learnt interview oriented java training. I got enough confidence.Thanks MolinaTek for giving me great confidence.

                                  -Anitha K

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