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August 16, 2021

At the Data Cloud Summit, Google unveiled their new advancements in their data technology. Three new products were introduced, Dataplex, Analytics Hub, and Datastream. These products aim at unifying data, allowing enterprises to make informed real-time decisions. A new study found that 60% to 73% of data at companies go unused. 

Google Cloud’s new manager and vice president for data analytics Gerrit Kazmaier, spoke at the event. He explained that although every company is data-driven, most struggle to use it to its full potential. He said, “Data must be thought of as an ability that integrates all aspects of working with it. Every industry is accelerating their shift of being digital-first as they recognize data is the essential ingredient for value creation and the key to advancing their digital transformation.”

Google’s new data tools function to utilize all the data giving companies more accurate information. On average, companies lose $9.7 million annually due to poor-quality data. These current issues are faced by big and small businesses; Google’s tools will cover that bridge. Here is a brief about the different products and updates Google Cloud has introduced. 


This new product is a serverless data change capture (CDC) and replication. It is a reliable way to synchronize all your data across heterogeneous databases and applications. This all comes with minimal latency. Datastream features an easily integrated experience that will guide you through the process. The best part about this product is that it’s serverless, this means you do not need to worry about monitoring or managing instances. 

Datastream’s continuous data replication allows you to unify data from multiple applications and sources. It will also let you access all this data in real-time. It helps power a wide range of use cases including data replication for analytics, database migrations, AI, and much more. Datastream will easily help you unlock the benefits of real-time CDC.      

Analytics Hub 

Analytics Hub is a complementary product with a preview available in the third quarter. This product was introduced to address the data reliability challenges. Organizations can use Analytics Hub to exchange data and analytic assets. With Analytics Hub, companies can access and share data at a lower cost. 

Organizations will be able to create a library with internal and external assets. This service begins a new era for the world of data. It allows companies to subscribe, discover and publish shared data assets.   


This is an intelligent data fabric giving companies centralized management for all their data. It allows data through all platforms, data lakes, databases, and data warehouses. All this from a single viewpoint helps to automate data management. Dataplex aims at giving companies a tool to have an integrated data platform. 

Director of product management for smart analytics Irina Farooq explained, “Each of these systems comes with its own way to handle metadata, data quality, security, and governance.” She further stated, “At the same time, the number of analytics and AI users in the enterprise is growing exponentially. Each is looking for self-service access to high-quality data in an ever-growing set of tools of their choice.” 

Farooq added that the above results in constant operational overhead due to moving and replicating data. Dataplex was built to target distributed data which means moving and duplicating becomes obsolete. This product focuses on three key areas, centralized security, an integrated analytics experience, and intelligent AI.   

 Additionally, Google announced a couple of updates to its cloud database and analytics suite. The preview for BiqQuery Omni and Looker for Microsoft Azure is now available. These two will aid in producing insights from the Azure cloud. An expansion to Dataflow services, Google plans to launch Dataflow Prime. The tech giant also stated that it will soon slash the entry price for Cloud Spanner.

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