Google Duo gets a redesigned user interface with floating “New Call” buttons for everything.

Google Duo gets a redesigned user interface with floating "New Call" buttons for everything.

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December 6, 2021

With the “New Name” button, Google Duo can quickly redesign the look of your homepage. The new button is said to make calling very easy. The New Name button can even allow customers to give their Home Assistant system a name. The newer User Interface, simply called UI which keeps the search bar at the top of the screen while contacts are presented in a new format along with a New Name button. Google says the redesign will reach customers in the next few weeks.

New Feature

Initially, New features of the redesigned Google Duo user interface were publicized via a release on the Google Duo Assist website. The message mentions that this is probably one of the most sought-after additions to Google’s video chat app. The company says the new Blue Floating Button (FAB) for “New Name” allows customers to start a new name in the app, create multiples, view teams and talk to lists, and share their “home” Name system.

New UI

The redesigned user interface also removes only some of the previously available features. Customers can “Create Team” by tapping the “New Name” FAB and clicking the Create Group hyperlink. Google Duo subscribers can even “View Current Contacts and Teams” by trying to find them or using the New Name FAB. To invite a contact, the customer must use the New Name factory and find the contact using the search bar and contact checklist.

The FAB “New Name” from Google Duo is expected to appear in a few weeks. The platform to receive the replacement for the first time does not need to be specified but is expected to be distributed to every Android and iOS client.

Over the past 12 months, Google has focused more on Google Meet, even adding different filters and results that were previously unique to Google Duo. The upcoming replacement is the most important for Google Duo for almost 12 months. The last replacement that can make Google Duo video calls on Android TV arrived here over the previous 12 months in August.

Google Duo will soon benefit from a redesigned start screen with a “new call” button. This new button is meant to make phone calls easier. The New Call button also allows users to call their Home Assistant. The new Home Screen UI (UI) still supports the search bar at the top of the screen, while contacts appear in a new format with the New Call button. Google says the revision will reach users in the coming weeks.

Source of the news

The redesigned UI functionality for Google Duo was first announced in an article on the Google Duo help page.

The redesigned user interface also removes some of the previously available features. Users can “Create Group” by pressing FAB “New Call” and then click the Create Group link. Google Duo users can also “search existing contacts and groups” by searching for them or FAB “New Call” to find them. For invited contacts, the user has to press FAB New Call and find the connection using the search bar or contact list.

 The New Call FAB Google Call Duo will appear in a few weeks. The platforms that will receive the first update are not specified but must be implemented for Android and iOS users.

Upcoming update:

Over the past year, Google has focused more on Google Meet, even adding various filters and effects previously exclusive to Google Duo. The futuristic update is the first for Google Duo in almost a year, as the last update that added the ability to make video calls with Google Duo on Android TV hit the market last August.

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