Hp India Bridges The Gap Between Online And Classroom Education

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November 22, 2021

After implementing AI tools for education in other countries like the U.S.A, U.K., Finland, Australia, Egypt, UAE, and other countries now HP India partnering with Mirai Partners, is introducing an AI tool named HP School Coach in India. Mirai Partner is a leading learning and development company.

The CoronaVirus pandemic has changed the landscape of the education system in India. Much of the physical classroom-based education of India got transformed to online in a short time. In this time of transformation, HP School Coach is an effort from HP India to blend remote and traditional classroom learning. Thereby, it will uplift the education system as a whole. 

To develop this AI tool, HP has consulted various teachers, principals, psychiatrists, and other people with experience in the education system around the world. Based on their expertise, the HP School Coach developed primarily on three foundations, HP’s Literacy Attainment Coach, Digital Pedagogy Coach, and School Improvement Coach.

  1. HP’s Literacy Attainment Coach: HP’s Literacy Attainment Coach is an AI tool that aims to determine the literacy gap and assess student’s age-based ability to read, write, comprehend and reproduce.

To attain this goal, HP’s Literacy Attainment Coach will be collecting data on student’s performance. By analyzing those data, AI will determine a student’s age-based ability and literacy gap. Based on such analysis, AI will suggest interventions that will improve the quality of education. It will help teachers to determine when a student needs extra guidance. It will also diagnose if a student is facing challenges like dyslexia. And will suggest remedies in such a case.

  1. Digital Pedagogy Coach: Digital Pedagogy Coach is an AI tool that will monitor strategies for an institution. It will diagnose strategic problems. And will suggest improvements for the institutions. With the help of this tool, administrators will be able to get a dashboard view of the progress on a real-time basis. In addition, AI will help to evaluate strategies implemented by an institution. Every institution, based on its requirement, can formulate its policy of digital transformation with this tool. Institutions expect to make more progress when armed with the evaluation of their defined objectives.
  2. School Improvement Coach: School Improvement Coach is an AI tool created to monitor the performance of a school / other educational institution. The Ai will evaluate the performance of an institution based on its efficiency, insight, and transparency. In addition, this AI tool will be able to track improvement inside a school or other institution.

HP partnering with Classera is also launching an interactive learning system named HP Classeasy. Classera is a company forerunner in Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS). Through a video conferencing system, HP Classeasy will be a personalized, engaging education system that will be inspirational for the students.

On the launch of HP School Coach, Mr. Rajnish Gupta,  Senior Director & Head Enterprise PC Sales, HP India, expressed his view on this new AI tool. He says,  “With customizable dashboards for teachers and schools, these technologies will allow for easy and seamless monitoring of progress. These technology products and innovations will go a long way in redefining classroom learning and instruction delivery in India.”

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