Know Microsoft’s Latest Upgrades on Windows 11

Know Microsoft’s Latest Upgrades on Windows 11

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November 29, 2021

Microsoft is upgrading new opportunities for Windows apps. Unlike Windows 10 feature updates, Windows 11 includes a variety of new features. If you installed the preview builds, you know that Microsoft has changed the look of menus. The latest context menu is in its early stages. 

The IT behemoth says that 7th-generation processors will not be enough to run the new Windows. However, he indicates that the company is open to “adjustments we should make to our smallest system requirements.” Based on feedback from its Insider’s preview scheme.

Microsoft has not yet finalized the features and design. A “Show more options” in the right-click menu allows users to access the old right-click menu. It would launch the different context menu included with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. The unique context menu now also has rounded corners. Yet, the design remains completely unchanged.

Additionally to improved usability, Windows 11’s new context menu ensures increased efficiency.

As you are aware, the traditional menu has grown in an uncontrolled environment. Hence Windows XP and many instructions rely on File Explorer (Explorer.exe). In addition, Microsoft does not allow customers to customize the context menu. This prevents apps from adding new options to the menu.

For example, some people have a habit of right-clicking the taskbar to bring up the Task Manager. In the hope of figuring out why a fast PC is acting like it’s wading through glue. In Windows 11, the equal pop-up menu has only two options. 

What is a task manager? 

We may need to get used to pressing Windows + X. 

It brings up the Power Menu, which provides quick access to various apps and settings in Task Manager.

Does it have an impact on the efficiency and dependability of Windows 10?

The changes do not affect the system’s efficiency. They have removed legacy context menu instructions. The apps that rely on older APIs will continue to work with this new option.

Many used options, such as cut, copy, paste, delete, and rename, are at the top of the modern menu. The icons are elementary. It eliminates clutter and makes room in the menu for more options. For future updates, Microsoft will also combine the terms “open” and “open with.” 

Following feedback from Insiders, the company has reinstated the “refresh” option.

Thus, Microsoft is upgrading to group “Open” and “Open with” options. 

The share dialog in Windows 11 is becoming more prominent.

The built-in share dialog for apps such as Microsoft is upgrading in Windows 11. Customers can now find their apps or settings beneath the Nearby sharing space. As the interface updates. For instance, if you use the Mail app and link many numbers of Outlook or Gmail accounts. Thus, you can now find the primary entry within the contacts to send an email to yourself.

All this adds a sleeker, more modern-looking menu. That blends in with the UI design. Another significant change is that the “Share” menu is no longer limited to UWP apps. With Windows 11, this functionality extends to Win32 apps as well.

The Share dialog was only available in Microsoft and UWP apps. Microsoft is allowing all platforms, including Win32 apps, Windows 11. It will support the new Share dialog. Aside from Android software support, these are minor features. Microsoft is upgrading but will not make changes that might reduce compatibility. 

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