Microsoft Azure Services Company USA at MolinaTek

Cloud Service Azure gives a wide portfolio of Microsoft Azure Services as a platform for new business processes innovative thinking, with MolinaTek as a leading provider of Azure Managed Services.

This service offers operational versatility and accessibility and, through the incorporation of critical Molina Technologies IT services, enables Azure to be effectively implemented turnkey in businesses. This is an end-to – end Azure Managed Service from a single member of Microsoft’s cloud service provider.

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Molina Technologies Multi-Cloud Migration Service helps you to discover, move, and update your legacy apps to Azure with complete trust. We realize that switching to the domain is always complicated, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting or unpredictable process for your company. Our Multi-Cloud Migration Service helps you, without hesitation, to migrate and upgrade workloads and applications across a variety of cloud platforms. Our validated methods of trusted technologies and certified experts will help you through your full modernisation based on Azure.


Develop and architect a stable framework, fit for purpose Azure, such that comfortable use of Azure resources is possible.


Assess, schedule, and conduct workload migration to Azure using our Multi-Cloud Migration Services.


Maintain control of Azure ‘s workload with Multi-Cloud Managed Services and the tools to instigate Azure from a single glass window.


Partner with a digital technology expert to help accelerate corporate growth and co-create performance.

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