Programming Languages You Can Consider Learning In 2021

Programming Languages You Can Consider Learning In 2021

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November 16, 2021

In modern times, Computer Science is playing a crucial role in the digital expansion of the world. Thus the demand for computer experts is soaring every day.  Programming languages have gradually become the epicenter of this growing demand for Computer Science. Therefore, it is essential to possess correct knowledge about programming languages for becoming an IT professional.

Selecting a perfect programming language can be a little bemusing out of the hundreds of options provided. So here, we would discuss some of the crucial programming languages to help us learn coding better.


Recent surveys have shown that JavaScript has become one of the most used programming languages around the world. Every famous social media platform such as Facebook, Google, or YouTube uses JavaScript in its infrastructure to create interactive web pages and dynamically display its contents to users. Combined with other web development tools like  HTML and CSS, it is essential for front-end web development.


  • Learning and implementing JavaScript is an easy task.
  • With its ever-increasing popularity, JavaScript can be an essential addition to a developer’s resume.
  • One can insert with ease into web pages and applications.
  • Javascript does not rely upon any specific platform or Operating System.


Kotlin is a statistically typed general-purpose programming language that runs on Java Virtual Machine or JVM. It is one of the newly developed languages but has become popular since Google announced Kotlin as its primary language for android development. 


  • It is easy to deploy code and write programs in Kotlin. It also ensures easy code maintainability. 
  • It is less error-prone. The bugs can be detected at compile-time and making it possible to fix before running the program.
  • Kotlin is easy to learn, especially if you have prior knowledge about Java.
  • It is currently probably the best language to write programs for Android devices.


Python has become one of the fastest-growing and most popular programming languages around the world. It is perhaps the most user-friendly programming language with its simple English syntax, yet powerful and flexible. It also has a vast collection of libraries, tools, and frameworks, making it a must in Data Science and Machine Learning.


  • Python is versatile. It is developed and used efficiently.
  • Python is efficient, requires fewer codes than its counterparts to finish its tasks.
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, and most of the other operating systems support Python.
  • Python has an enormous community of developers and loads of resources.


Swift is a relatively new programming language precisely used to develop iOS and macOS applications. Moreover, it runs on iPhones, iPods, and surprisingly even on tvOs and watchOs, making it highly valuable. 


  • The Swift program codes are easy to read and maintain.
  • Outpacing performing languages like C++, Swift runs application logic very quickly.
  • Swift is Open Source making it easy to find support and a library.
  • It is easy to add new features in Swift, which makes it scalable.


Java is one of the oldest yet most popular and highly sought programming languages to date. It is argued to be one of the top developer languages in the world. In addition, it is a general-purpose language that can be used in any OS once written.


  • Java is object-oriented and allows the creation of modular programs and reusable code.
  • Using, writing, compiling, debugging, and learning Java is comparatively easy.
  • Its built-in feature enables developers to share data and programs for better collaboration.
  • Java provides you with robust memory allocation, scalability, APIs, numerous libraries, and strong security.

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