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Manual Testing


Manual Testing in method used in the current scenario to obtain knowledge about the output and function of all items relevant to the program. Organizations have relied heavily on the ability to test ever more complicated IT systems in recent years, so there is a massive increase in the need for professional software testers around the world. Training in software testing will result in a variety of positions like testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and software developers.

Automation Testing 

Automation testing is a software testing methodology that checks and compares the real outcome to the anticipated result. This can be done by writing test scripts or using any method used to test automation. Test automation is used to automate repeat tasks and other testing activities that are difficult to manually perform.

automation testing online training usa molinatek

Selenium is a web application testing tool which automates browser behaviour, simulating user interactions with the web page. The Remote-Control extension enables the scripting and execution of Selenium tests from common programming environments such as Java and .NET.

This session introduces selenium and remote control, examining how we can use selenium to automate testing of web applications. It will also cover the testing practices and pitfalls of user interfaces.

Selenium software runs directly on a browser, as do actual users. And they run on Windows, Linux and Macintosh in Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox. No other evaluation tool covers such a wide variety of platforms.

If this course is complete, the delegates will be able to:

  • Understand all about Web driver Selenium and Cucumber
  • Test applications using the Selenium and Cucumber Web drivers
  • Build reliable and stable tests for Ajax and Classic applications
  • Integrating selenium into the existing testing system and using other instruments
  • Prepare for Selenium 2 and Cucumber web-testing

1.Introduction and Overview of Selenium

What is automation testing

When best to go for automation

Advantages of Automation

Criteria for Automation

Functional Automation VS Performance Automation

Different Automation tools

What is Selenium

Use of selenium

When selenium can be useful in testing

Features of Selenium

Differences between Selenium and QTP

2.Selenium Components

Selenium IDE

Selenium Web driver

Selenium Web driver

3.Configuration of IDE & Dev. Scripts

Recording the script

Running the script

How to Save the recording script

Object Identification

Difference between Test case and test suit

4.Core Java Fundamentals

Language Fundamentals

Setting up eclipse

Setting up environment for Java programming

Creating Java project in Eclipse

Java Programming Language Keywords

Class and Object

Data Types

Array Declaration, Construction and Initialization

Functions, creating functions

Writing Code using Loops

Handling Exceptions

Creating and working with Objects

Creating and reading property files

5.Cucumber Fundamentals

What is cucumber

How to configure cucumber

Installing Cucumber in eclipse

Creating Feature files

Writing Features

Writing Scenarios, Scenario outlines with examples

Creating Step definition files

Writing Step definitions

Using Background

What is runner class

Creating runner class

6.Junit Introduction

Proving it works

Starting from scratch

7.Developing Reusable Script


What is validation

What is the use of validation in Automation testing

Understanding unit testing frameworks

Setting up Junit

Testing with Junit

8.Testing Framework

What is TestNG

Create TestNG.xml file

Reporting Results & Analyze

9.Objects Repository

What is object repository

How to use object repository in framework

What is the use of maintain Object repository

Types of creating object repository

10.Flow Control, Exceptions and Assertions

Writing Code Using Assertions

11.Additional Concepts

How to use XPath

What is Maven

Creating Maven Project

12.Selenium 2/ Web Driver

Selenium 2.0 Features

The Selenium Server – When to Use it

Setting up a Selenium – Web Driver Project

Introducing Web Driver’s Drivers

Commands & Operation

Programs on Web Driver

13.Automation Life Cycle

What is a Framework

Types of Frameworks

Data Driven framework

Keyword driven framework

Hybrid framework

Page Object Model

Use of Framework

How to develop the framework

Integration of the framework

How to execute the scripts from framework


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