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Successful collaboration is a springboard to develop and to expand business. SharePoint Server brings together people, agencies and companies to coordinate and collaborate on information, and to improve productivity.

SharePoint Server supports businesses in:

  • Simplify administration
  • Improves performance and reliability
  • Protect Information and Communication
  • Empower users while meeting their demands for more mobility in business
  • Lower costs with flexible and scalable platform for collaboration
  • Better handle risk by securing information
  • Improve efficiency by price-effective and productive administration

Develop skills for installing, configuring, deploying, or managing a SharePoint Server site to take advantage of SharePoint ‘s benefits, or boost your resume. MolinaTek extensive USA SharePoint curriculum provides IT curriculum for any level of experience including:

  • Administrative assistants and functional or manager of operations
  • Web designers, developers, and
  • Application developers
  • Masters, Administrators or creators of SharePoint sites
  • Web users and managers
  • Experienced IT Experts
  • Data Officers
  • Enterprise intelligence analysts

Course Content

Introduction to Java Programming

  • Stand-alone applications and servlets
  • Compiling source code into bytecode
  • Overview of class libraries

Object-Oriented Programming with Java

  • The object paradigm
  • Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism
  • OO analysis and design: “Is a” and “Has a”
  • Designing an OO application step by step
  • Diagramming object structure with Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Java’s object-oriented features

  • Instantiating objects from classes
  • Aggregation and composition
  • Extending existing classes
  • Overloading and overriding methods

Structure of the Java Language

  • Language syntax
  • Declaring and initializing variables
  • Declaring and using arrays
  • Upcasting, downcasting and autoboxing

Flow control

  • Invoking methods and passing parameters
  • Conditionals and loops
  • Handling exceptions with try and catch

Defining classes

  • Fields (instance data)
  • Methods (functions)
  • Abstract classes and interfaces
  • Organizing classes with packages and modifiers
  • Composition vs. inheritance

Building the components of a Java program

  • Leveraging generics with the collections API
  • Developing new classes
  • Compiling and debugging

Developing GUIs

  • Foundations of user interfaces
  • Basic GUI widgets
  • Event-driven programming
  • Benefits of a portable windowing library

Java Foundation Classes (JFC)

  • Creating Swing components
  • Adding Swing components to containers
  • Arranging Swing components using layout managers
  • Dialogs and message boxes

Event handling

  • Registering event handlers
  • Inner classes and top-level classes

Storing and Retrieving Data with File I/O

  • Java streams
  • Streams, Readers and Writers
  • Catching and throwing exceptions
  • Formatting text output

Files and directories

  • Reading and writing files
  • Creating, deleting and renaming files
  • Obtaining directory and file information

Working with Relational Databases

  • JDBC database access
  • Leveraging the JDBC API
  • Choosing database drivers
  • Connecting to a database
  • Improving performance with prepared statements and stored procedures
  • Submitting SQL statements
  • Retrieving and processing results

Java Development Tools

  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Compiler (javac)
  • Javadoc utility
  • Java Archive (JAR) utility
  • Java Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)


7 + 12 =

Sharepoint was a nightmare to me. After completing the course with MolinaTek Sharepoint Class I felt lite headed and Comfortable. The course most requested and recommended throughout the IT career.

-John Micheal

Best Organization to learn Sharepoint online from scratch especially for beginners who are preparing for interviews. MolinaTek was professional And guidance for Placements in USA was phenomenal.   

– Harshitha

After finding Sharepoint training from web, finally found the right place Sharepoint training by MolinaTek. I was impressed the way classes were conducted with hands on.Every topic started with basic level and progressed to advance level.

– Nikitha Dev

I have checked many websites to learn Sharepoint training . All of them are teaching Sharepoint at very basic level. I finally reached the right place and learnt interview oriented Sharepoint training. Thanks MolinaTek for giving me great confidence.

-Anuthna Roy

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