The HUMAN App Brings Real-World Value to HMT and the HUMAN Ecosystem

The HUMAN App Brings Real-World Value to HMT and the HUMAN Ecosystem

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December 13, 2021

The HUMAN Protocol Basis has now published the Human App. It is the first opportunity for people to earn HMT for completing data-labeling tasks and the first entry point into the HUMAN App. Furthermore, to learn new skills of HMT for completing a mission. The first step is the Human Experience. 

The end-to-end infrastructure uses the tools, plugins, integrations, and APIs. Hiring, managing, validating, and compensating persons at scale is through the HUMAN Protocol. It helps the construction of global job marketplaces in which any human or machine can post a job. Any Worker with the required skill set or background can execute the duties.

While the Protocol supports any work, most HUMAN tasks now performed by captcha involve picture labeling. The HUMAN App will enable a new generation to create broad, meaningful, and less discriminatory datasets.

What is The HUMAN App and HMT?

The HUMAN Protocol is a relevant technology with ramifications for various industries. It includes the gig economy, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. In addition, it aims to empower humans by freeing up their time and attention and increasing access to the global workforce.

The HUMAN Protocol is a tried-and-true technique. The HUMAN App provides real-world usefulness to a HUMAN community and ecosystem. The HUMAN App is the first place where public members can earn HMT by completing data-labeling tasks. A job consists of thousands or millions of studies. 

The HUMAN App serves as a virtual entry point to the HUMAN experience. The data-labeling activities represent the majority of labor now handled through the Protocol.  Its design is to accommodate any work and reward Workers in proportion to the value created by that effort. In addition, the HUMAN Protocol provides a framework for robots.

The HUMAN Protocol supports accessibility to the value of the opportunity and the contributions made by individuals daily. Anyone can get a reward for completing CAPTCHAs with the HUMAN App. HUMAN aspires to develop its community further. It presents a clear example of what is achievable. It ensures that people categorizing photographs are for their contributions by motivating the workforce on a worldwide scale.


How does it work?

Individuals gain HMT through participating in HUMAN App activities and start with registration, which gets you 1 HMT and continues with each job you complete. For example, 1 HMT is awarded for solving a CAPTCHA.  In addition, people must link or establish a KYC-verified cryptocurrency wallet to receive HMT.

Every image has a label that helps a machine understand the world. In contrast, the CAPTCHAs provided can currently be solved by anybody. The HUMAN Protocol is developing for pictures to become more specialized. It requires technical backgrounds and knowledge sets in the future.

To learn more about the HUMAN App, please visit the website. Follow the team on Twitter or join Discord for the most up-to-date information on the HUMAN Protocol.

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