Tips for Documents to Prepare in Anticipation of Priority Date Becoming Current

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June 30, 2021

There are instances wherein foreign nationals end up waiting for years on the line to acquire lawful permanent resident status through employment-based categories. This situation usually stands true for applicants who hail from heavily oversubscribed countries like India and China. 

As the priority date draws near, the last thing you’d want is further delay owing to the lack of proper documents necessary to apply (form I-485), according to

Let’s have a look at the necessary documents –

  • Original Birth Certificate for Adjustment of Status

To file for adjustment of status, submission of birth documentation is required. This birth documentation usually takes the form of an official birth certificate that, ideally, was issued shortly after the applicant was born. 

  • Alternate Birth Documentation Vary by Country

Suppose the applicant does not have an original birth certificate that meets the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) criteria. In that case, alternate documentation should be obtained to satisfy the birth certificate requirement. It should be noted that the specific documents available may depend based on one’s country of birth.

  • Marriage Documentation for Adjustment of Status

If the I-485 applicant is married, marriage documentation is also required. This usually takes the form of a marriage certificate. However, if an individual does not have a marriage certificate or if the marriage certificate does not include all the information required by the USCIS (e.g., the full name of bride and groom, date of marriage), additional evidence of the valid marriage must be provided. 

  • Marriage Certificate may be Obtained Well After Wedding Date.

If the applicant does not have a proper, qualifying marriage certificate, the individual should submit two marriage affidavits as supplemental documentation.

  • Additional Areas to Review Before Priority Date Becoming Current

Any past criminal violation must be disclosed on the I-485 application. In addition, it may be necessary to include a supplement to the I-485 at the time of filing to explain why the criminal matter does not make the individual ineligible for a green card.


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