Top 5 DevOps Latest Trends Of 2021

DevOps 2021

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May 13, 2021

Companies have used DevOps for over two decades for the advancement of their development processes. DevOps needs to constantly evolve to keep up with the latest industry changes. From APM applications to security, DevOps trends of 2021 address inconsistencies in its lifecycle.
With the pandemic, most companies are steering towards a digital transformation making DevOps more relevant than ever. By the year 2025, the DevOps market is estimated to reach $12.85 billion according to Grand View research.


An enhanced version of DevOps, DevSecOps integrates security practices into the existing process. Cloud-based technologies are all the rave among development teams. This means the need for a cloud-native security approach is required. DevSecOps methodology will allow developers to integrate better security.
This change ensures tight security through the development lifecycle with higher automation levels.

Infrastructure Automation Tools

The DevOps set of practices aims at consistent delivery and integration. This objective can be achieved easily with the help of automation tools. The Infrastructure Automation (IA) applications are ideal to automate configuration, delivery and management of the IT framework.
This will allow teams to orchestrate multi and hybrid clouds with increased reliability.
These benefits will draw more attention to these IA tools and integrate them across the industry.
It will increase the speed of deployments and use automation to reduce costs.

Complex Toolchains

Toolchains are the groups of tools used by DevOps teams to support their day to day activities.
The engineers use these tools to measure and collaborate their work. DevOps has become extremely popular leading to a rise in these tools. The year 2021 will not only see more toolchains but also increase its complexity.
Instead of developers depending on various tools to aid in their DevOps tasks, they seek out one sophisticated toolchain. These will be versatile in supporting different platforms, increasing productivity and streamlining operations.

Application Release Orchestration (ARO) Tools

2021 will see an increase in speed and quality from the DevOps teams. The reason for this is the popularisation of ARO tools. These applications combine release orchestration with pipeline management. This means teams will deliver applications faster since they can weigh the release activities through various tools.
ARO tools will lessen the manual tasks giving the team time to increase productivity. There will be better visibility on bottlenecks making it easier to spot potential problems. The need to adapt to quick changes based on the market demands is the reason for ARO tools gaining popularity.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Applications

DevOps lifecycle focuses on garnering quick feedback during deployments. This will be the major reason for APM applications solidifying during 2021. These applications will help monitor
deployments and give insights into the performance. At present, APM tools can be used to discover and trace applications, check user interactions and provide analytics with AI-based
This year APM tools will be adopted extensively and grow even stronger in the DevOps lifecycle. The integration of AI will turn APMs into the perfect tool to detect anomalies that
provide deeper insights into customer journeys.Devops
DevOps is hands down the best solution for organisations to save money and time. It also aids in increasing quality and reduces the time taken to market. DevOps is forever changing as it upgrades and integrates new tools based on market needs. Its practices aren’t set in stone and keeping up with the changes is a necessity.
Only once you understand the new trends can you adjust your DevOps lifecycle. This year promises to be a revolutionary one for DevOps. It simply means companies will need to be vigilant and incorporate the new changes into their daily activities. Constantly adapting to DevOps ever-evolving set of practices is the only way to truly enjoy its benefits.

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