Top 5 DevOps Trends- Prediction For 2022

Top 5 DevOps Trends- Prediction For 2022

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February 4, 2022

In the past two years, the adoption of digitalization has taken the initiative in many enterprises. DevOps has also been established, which leads to software development. In the year 2022, DevOps Trends are emerging. It has offered several benefits to the company by delivering the software faster, improving the quality, and even providing customer satisfaction.

Things have changed over the past two years, and DevOps has gained popularity and facilitates development practices. Moreover, it has eliminated the operational silos by microservices serverless computing. As a result, it has made working in the organization more productive and efficient. 

Top 5 DevOps Trends

Here you will learn about the top trends and the predictions set to change or shape the future of DevOps.


Safety and security are one of the major concerns of the organization. That is why many organizations are shifting from DevOps to DevSecOps to make improvements, enhance security, and complete tasks. In addition, it will provide the organization with the guarantee or timely detection of the issues and resolve the vulnerabilities that a company is facing. 

Low-code application adoption

Many development environments are expected to adopt low-code software; though it is controversial in the DevOps trends, it is considered an asset to developers’ productivity. They often thought it could threaten job security, but they do help in the developments more than hurt the organization. It offers a productivity boost and supports the Software development cycle.

Microservices architecture growth 

It is an architecture style to develop the application. It divides the application into small independent services. DevOps can scale every application segment of the organization according to its needs. If it is implemented successfully, an organization can be better in scalability. The best thing about the DevOps trends is that if something goes wrong, then it will not disrupt the whole application. Instead, it will make it easy and resolve the software’s product or issue.


It is the foundation of cloud software architectures such as serverless and microservices. It brings new processes for continuous deployment and integration. It is designed to manage container deployments at scale. However, the experts have predicted that Kubernetes will help in expanding further into the realm of Software development in 2022. It is evolving at high speed, and learning the facts can be challenging, and that is why make sure you have chosen the right platform to help you with that.


It has already changed how the business operates. It has been anticipated to take the DevOps ecosystem to the next level. It has enabled the organization to introduce automation into DevOps and eliminate human intervention.

The Final Words 

No one knows what will happen with the IT industry in the future or how far it will go. But an organization should consider DevOps trends to make transformations directly to achieve the business goals and objectives.

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