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February 8, 2021

If you run a company / enterprise and want to succeed?

The answer that I will get from everyone  Entrepreneur/ Businessman is  ”YES”

In the current situation, to survive in the competitive environment, you must have a mobile application (Android and IOS) because most consumers are now migrating from desktop to mobile & tablets. Therefore, today, most organizations are looking for mobile application growth to support and communicate with their users.

If you search one of the play stores, millions of applications for users to download and use are inundated. If you evaluate the entire market, you will find more than any other Android gadget.

Are you excited about the new tools for Android development?

With a large number of Android devices on the market, the demand for apps and developers of Android applications will increase in the future. According to the Statista report, as of Q3 2019, Google Play Store will lead the ladder with 2.47 million apps across all play stores.

The development of Android apps is an ever-growing industry, with new things coming every day. With constant technical advancement, using various Android Development tools, we can personally build our Android mobile application effectively.

In this post, we will share with you some of the best tools for the Android App Development to increase productivity and build better applications. These tools help you save a lot of time from the beginning of the life-cycle of development and help deliver high-quality results.

Let’s skip to the exploration of the top 20 Android app development resources without wasting any time.

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Android Studio:

Android Studio is an official Android platform development IDE that is available for operating systems such as Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux. This instrument is the top choice for Android developers.

Android Studio, which was created by Google & JetBrains and sponsored by the broad Android developer community.

Let’s skip to the exploration of the top 20 Android app development resources without wasting any time.

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Visual layout editor.

APK Analyzer.

Fast emulator.

Code editor.

Flexible build system.

Real-time profiles.

Price: Free

Latest Release: Android 3.5 (August 2019)

Visual Studio-Xamarin

Xamarin is the official integrated environment of Microsoft that is used for Android & IOS application development. For creating the code, it uses C # and .Net. When paired with Xamarin, it also supports multiple languages.

For Android developers, it is the most valuable tool. It also offers tools for developing software, managing small to large teams, managing construct services and controlling versions.

It is developed and supported by Microsoft, and it is a common option since it is used to build cross-platform games and applications.

Price: Free

Latest Release: Visual Studio 2019 (Version 16.3)


Another Android app development tool that allows developers to analyze and preview an application is Genymotion. With flexible and competitive pricing, Genymotion simplifies Android tests. Those days have passed, where Genymotion is the highest priority for the developers to build the app.

It is the most important tool used by game developers since pre-installed Android graphics and images are mostly used for the testing process.

It has now moved on to:




Price: Free


PhoneGap is an open-source framework used for the development of mobile cross-platform apps. It offers faster cycles for debugging and building. It enables developers to use CSS , HTML, and JavaScript to create applications.

PhoneGap was originally called “Apache Cordova,” which Nitboi launched in 2009.

Price: Free

Latest Release: 9.0.0 (March 2019)

Unity 3D:

Unity 3D is a cross-platform gaming environment used to create mobile games that are innovative, complex and highly visual intensive. Unity 3D was created by Unity Technologies in 2005.

2D & 3D graphics, C # programming language, and drag-and – drop features are supported by a multipurpose game platform. Unity3D is used mainly for advanced game development.


Easy to set-up & develop

Cross-platform engine.

Access the components.

It helps to work efficiently.

Unity Cloud.

Latest Release: 2019.2.10 (October 2019)

Intellij idea:

The Intellij idea is a Java-written platform that the application uses. In 2001, it released its original version and JetBrains improved it. The tool designed for the ultimate productivity of programmers.

It consists of various built-in tools, such as version control, tool building, decompilation, database tools, Docker, and coverage and test runner.


Smart completion.

Data flow analysis.

Cross-language refactoring.

Inspections & quick fixes.

Duplicate detection.

Framework-specific assistance.

Latest version: 2019.3


One of the most well-organized tools for Android app creation is Vysor. It lets developers of Android apps easily assimilate the mobile app with the desktop.

It mirrors your real PC computer. It allows you to access and monitor your Android all over the world on your computer. Vysor streamlines your workflow and allows you to quickly build a better app.

Latest version: 2.1.7

Unreal Engine

Are you planning on developing a gaming app packed with features?

If so, the right option for developing your Android gaming application is Unreal-Engine.

Unreal Engine is a cross-platform suite of integrated tools for the design and development of games, visualization and simulations used by game developers.


Robust multiplayer framework.

Great animation toolset.

Unreal audio engine.

Seamless perforce integration.

Great extensibility.

Latest Version: 4.23

Price: Free


Stetho is a sophisticated open-source debugging framework used primarily for Android application development. This platform that connects Android apps & Chrome and debugs Android apps through chrome developer tools has been developed by the social networking giant Facebook.


JavaScript console.

Chrome DevTools

SQLite database inspection.

Network inspection.

Inspection of the view hierarchy.

Latest version: v 1.5.1

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