USCIS Discloses Open Application Period for US Citizenship

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June 27, 2021

The USCIS has announced open application periods for citizenship and integration grant programs. In addition, they’ve started accepting applications for two funding opportunities under both programs. The grant opportunity will provide up to $10 million in grants for citizenship preparation programs across the country. 

These opportunities are open to companies focused on preparing lawful permanent residents for naturalization alongside promoting civic integration through increased knowledge of the English language, civics, and US history. 

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said, “The Citizenship and Integration Grant Program helps those preparing to become U.S. citizens to integrate into American society successfully. This administration recognizes that naturalization is an important milestone in the civic integration of immigrants, and we will continue to provide support for individuals hoping to establish new citizenship in our country.”

The USCIS plans to expand the availability of high-quality citizenship and integration services throughout the country under these two programs, according to, as of 05/17/2021.

Citizenship Instruction and Naturalization Application Services

 This opportunity is said to fund most of the public and non-profit organizations that offer citizenship instruction and naturalization application services to lawful permanent residents.

 Refugee and Asylee Integration Services Program

 This opportunity is said to provide extended integration services while focusing on separate programs for former refugees and asylum seekers to attain the skills and knowledge required to apply for citizenship. 


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